How to Copy or Shrink DVD9 to DVD5 with Any DVD Cloner Platinum

If you want to copy or shrink your entire DVD9 movies into standard DVD5 discs, you need to get a professional DVD Cloner software, which is capable of copying DVD9 to DVD5 disc losslessly. Any DVD Cloner Platinum is definitely the right tool for you, which makes DVD clone more flexible and personal.

With its diverse input and output DVD copy choices, Any DVD Cloner Platinum will offer you an easy way to copy and compress DVD movies from DVD9 to DVD5. You can select any titles, chapters, subtitles and languages of the original DVD to copy. Besides that, My DVD cloner is also a free and open source program to help you rip DVD movies to iPhoneiPadiPodAndroid Devices, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide: Copy or Shrink DVD9 to DVD5

Any DVD Cloner Platinum is a DVD9 to DVD5 copy and shrieker tool while providing high quality DVD backing up. The following steps will tell you the detailed operations:

Step 1: Download and Install Any DVD Cloner Platinum

Download Free Trial of Any DVD Cloner Platinum

Step 2: Insert Source DVD-9 Movies Disc and choose Open Method

Add the original DVD 9 disc that you want to copy in the DVD drive of your computer. Any DVD Cloner Platinum can recognize your DVD burner path automatically. After that, please choose the Open Method.

Open DVD Method

— Normal (Specially Designed for Unencrypted and CSS Encrypted DVD)

— Lowly Enhanced (Need Less Scan Times to Decrypt DVD)

— Highly Enhanced (Need More scan Times to Decrypt DVD)

Note: It’s recommended to use Lowly Enhanced or Highly Enhanced as the Open Method, which will help you find the exact real main movie title from a list of potential fake titles in some latest DVD movies.

Step 3: Open Source DVD & Choose Target DVD Drive.

Click the Source option on the top window to choose the proper DVD drive.

Click the Target option. If you have only one DVDRW drive, please choose the same DVDRW drive. If there are two or more drives, please select one as source and the other as target.

Open Source DVD and choose target

Note: Please make sure that you have enough temporary hard disk drive to copy a DVD to DVD/ISO Image File/DVD folder successfully. Otherwise, it will fail to copy DVD.

Step 4: Choose proper DVD Clone Mode.

Click DVD Clone menu in the left panel and choose a DVD clone mode as per your requirement.

DVD Clone

– Full Disc: Clone the entire movie DVD to DVD or hard disk (DVD folder & ISO image).

– Main Movie: Merely clone the longest title.

– Customize: Clone any title or chapter you select.

– Clone: Clone DVD to DVD in 1:1 ratio. Multiple DVD-ROMs are indispensable and the target DVD drive features the ability of burning DVD.

Below is a screencast for Customize mode. Simply check any Titleset, Ttitle, Chapter, Audio or Subpicture you need.

Choose DVD Title or Chapter

Step 5: Select Target Size and Start Cloning.

Click the Target Size option to choose the DVD5.

Choose Target Size

Click Start button to start copying DVD. After the copying process is completed, the pop-up window will ask you to insert a blank disc to begin the write process. Just get original disc out, insert a blank DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW. Select “Retry” to begin burning.

Insert Blank DVDR

Note: If DVD disc you insert is not empty, the program will prompt you to erase the disc. Just click “Yes” to automatically erase the disc. Just wait for a while, then a new DVD copy is created!

Knowledge of DVD5 & DVD9

convert dvd to ipad with DVD to iPhone converter on mac

DVD5 (Single Side Single Layer) holds around 4.7 GB. DVD+R/DVD+RW and DVD-R/DVD-RW are supported. DVD5 is the most common DVD Media, often called 4.7 GB Media. DVD5 is reusable and environmentally friendly disc.

DVD9 (Single Side Dual Layer) holds around 7.5 GB. DVD+R is support. This media is called DVD+R9, DVD+R DL. A DVD9 disc holds 240 minutes of continuous video.

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