How to Improve Video Quality While Watching It

Having video quality problem with your after-2-hours downloaded video? Don’t get upset yet if your video picture quality is burry and the colour is dull. We have some solutions on improving the video quality to make it looked better, sharper and more colourful. Significant improvements in video quality can be achieved by applying the effects and filters contained within several video editing applications, in both the proprietary and freeware categories, that include tools and features specifically designed to improve video quality. This article will show you how to improve video quality while watching it by several of the most common techniques, tools, filters and effects used in video editing to enhance the quality of video files.

In fact, most of the video players supports video enhancement and quality improvement filters which allow users to adjust the contrast & brightness and/or colour saturation to improve the video quality dramatically while a video is being played.

1. Improve Video Quality with Media Player Classic

We love Media Player Classic. It’s been the most used player by us simply because it’s light and supports most of the video formats (mpeg, rmvb, avi and more).



To apply “Shaders” on Media Player Classic,

  1. Go to “Play – Shaders – Combine…” on the top navigation.
  2. Apply the settings as below image.

2. Improve Video Quality with Real Media Player

Real Media Player is popular because most of the downloaded videos are in RMBV format. If Real Media Player is your default video player, we have quick tips for you to improve the colours and brightness on the fly.



To improve the video quality in Real Media Player, simply go to “Tools – Video Controls”. An option will be given to adjust the colour level and sharpness. Drag both buttons to the top to enhance the picture quality.

3. Improve Video Quality with Any DVD Converter Pro

With Any DVD Converter Pro – an easy to use video improvement software, you can fix video flaw problem in a few clicks. Plus, you can apply artistic effects and turn your home movie into a work of art. Download Any DVD Converter Pro for free.

Generally speaking, the output quality can be improved by modifying “Video Size” and video “Bit Rate”. After you highlight the loaded file into the program, you will be able to modify them on the right panel of the main interface. But in certain format, there would be some limitations. And also, the output files would be in a larger size if you set larger values for these two items.

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