How to Burn DVDs with Subtitles and Menu

Question: I need to burn movie DVD from AVI file and need to add subtitle from .srt file. How can I convert .srt subtitle file in to DVD format?

Sometimes, even native speakers want to add subtitles to DVD movies or TV shows just so that they can more clearly understand what the actors are saying. This guide will show you how to burn DVDs with subtitles and DVD menu in an easy way. Continue reading

How to Burn iTunes Videos to DVD

Maybe you want to burn iTunes videos/movies to DVD so that you can watch them on a huge screen TV or just for backup. However, due to Apple’s DRM protection, purchased iTunes M4V movies can’t be burned to DVD directly unless you remove the DRM protection first.

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How to Make Christmas DVD Movie as Gift Using Any DVD Converter

Christmas is around the corner. It’s time for us to get together with our families and friends to enjoy this important holiday. For keeping loving memories during the holidays, making a DVD movie for our Christmas will be a good idea.

This article will show you how to make a lively Christmas DVD with your homemade videos and songs effortlessly by Any DVD Converter Professional. Continue reading